HERO Financing

If you’re shopping for a new heating or cooling system in the San Diego area, we have great news for you! The HERO financing is now available to property owners throughout the San Diego area. HERO makes upgrading your heating and cooling system easier than ever. This unique financing program allows you to replace your heating and cooling system with a new, more efficient mode, with no money out of your pocket. If that isn’t good enough, the payments are so low that in some cases the payment on this loan will be offset by your utility savings!


HERO Financing - HVAC Registered Contractor


R & C Heating & Air – Your HERO Financing Registered HVAC Contractor


R & C Heating and Air, a HERO registered contractor in the San Diego area, offers a wide range of HERO-eligible home comfort systems and energy efficiency improvements. Contact us today to learn more about the HERO program or our energy efficient products and services.

HERO Financing Benefits


          • Low-Cost Financing—Low, fixed interest rate and long financing terms ( up to 20 years)
          • Provides no-money down for financing energy efficient improvements
          • Loan Approvals within 30 minutes
          • Easy payments—Repay your HERO financing through your property tax bill
          • Tax deductible program
          • Approval is not based on credit


To learn more about the HERO financing program, visit https://www.heroprogram.com/homeowners or call HERO at (855) 437-6411


HERO financing for up to 20 years with low fixed interest rates for home energy products permanently affixed to the property.


Most Properties Qualify  –  Tax Benefits  –   Not Based on Credit Scores




You can reduce heating and air-conditioning use by 20% to 60% by switching to high efficiency HVAC systems. Efficient windows, doors, and skylights can reduce heating and air-conditioning bills by 15%.


HERO Financing - Registerd Contractor San Diego HVAC

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