The process of eliminating the impurities on hard water is called water softening, where the minerals are being dissolved clearing those negative effects on your home. This kind of water can be produced using water softeners systems that have lots of benefits. In fact, according to the Bureau of Statistics, almost a quarter cents of every dollar are being spent on cleaning products. But with soft water, you can save up to 65% of your bill.


How water softeners work

Water softeners also work to eliminate hard water scales inside pipes and appliances by reducing hard calcium and magnesium that can result in clogs and corrosion. Soft water can also eliminate “soap scum” left behind when cleaning with hard water.

Water softeners help preserve water-consuming appliances and plumbing pipes.

If you’re looking to add more life to your water-using appliances and save money on soap and detergent in the process, it may be worth looking into buying a water softener.Water softeners soften the water by removing minerals such as calcium and magnesium and replacing them with a softer mineral – sodium or potassium. Soft water can also make your hair and skin look and feel healthier because hard water can dry them out.

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What is a water conditioner?

Another option to a water softener is a salt-free water conditioner – often incorrectly called softening – which is an alternative to sodium or potassium based water softening.

Each address hard water, but water conditioning removes the calcium itself through various systems. Conditioners, however, do not soften water.


Pelican NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener provides all the benefits of purified water without the unnatural use of salt or potassium.

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Eco-Friendly Water Softeners

Eco Friendly Water Softener San Diego

By naturally softening water without the use of salt, the Pelican NaturSoft system generates zero waste water. That means no salt brine or harmful chemicals are discharged into the environment. The system also requires no electricity, which further reduces your environmental footprint.


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The Pelican NaturSoft System is the only salt-free water softener certified 99.6% effective in preventing scale buildup. By removing hard water scale from plumbing and appliances, your home’s water pipes will be protected from corrosion and you’ll experience cleaner dishes and clothes.


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